Małgorzata Smolińska Law Office

Małgorzata Smolińska Law Office founded in 2008 by attorney and counselor at law Małgorzata Smolińska.

The Firm has two offices located in Częstochowa, at the registered office address Jasnogórska 75 and in Warsaw at the registered office address Prosta 32 in PROSTA TOWER building.

Małgorzata Smolińska’s Law Office since 2000 gained experience by working with local government units and companies pursuing investment projects (highways, district heating, electricity), and also represented their principals in trade negotiations and litigation.

Since 2004, in cooperation with the office of MEP prof. Buzek gained experience by participating in the work of the team preparing the materials for the Committee on Industry, Research and Science, the European Parliament and leading current legal services offices, including in matters relating to energy.

In 2008-2009, participated in by the Company Alpine Green Energy Ltd implemented project to build wind farms.

Since November 2008, is a consultant with Jacobs Poland Sp. z o. o. , Engineering-consulting company, specializing in the proceedings, including environmental (The company is an adviser JASPERS) and preparing and verifying applications for EU funding for investment projects (roads, railways, sewage, industrial infrastructure such as gas installations).

Since December 2008, leading legal services Elbest Sp. z o. o., coordinating on behalf of the Company, inter alia, a program of consolidation of Securicor, hospitality and service within the Group PGE (transactions M & A, negotiation of contracts of guarantee).

In March 2010 she was appointed by Prime Minister Waldemar Pawlak in the composition of the legal committee of the Social Council for the National Emission Reduction Program, where her interests are focused on legal issues related to clean coal technologies, including CCS (analysis of legal regulations on administrative proceedings, which conduct will be required during the implementation of the CCS project in the transport and storage of carbon dioxide, the analysis of administrative procedures (especially environmental) to be carried out to obtain or "complement" the decision to permit the construction of a combustion plant with a rated power output of at least 300 megawatts, in connection with the wording of art. 33 CCS, a market analysis of potential availability of services for the transport component in implementing the investment project "Construction of installations for the capture, transport and geological storage of CO2) and advise the local government units in the performance of their investment projects.