Mergers and Acquisitions

The law firm develops actively expertise in providing legal processes associated with the concept of mergers and acquisitions, both for Polish and foreign customers. Our services in mergers and acquisitions include the following: devising legal structures of transactions, conducting due diligence reviews, preparing legal documentation within the scope of acquiring and disposing of shares and other similar rights (share deals), selected assets (asset deals),enterprises (enterprise deals) and organized parts of enterprises, preparing contents of transaction documentation within the scope of mergers, demergers and legal transformations of business entities, advisory in contacts with employees' representatives (collective bargaining agreements, social packages) and representing clients before public authorities in connection with preparation and implementation of transactions.

Real Estate

The Law Firm has experience in providing legal services for clients operating in the real estate industry, as well as in regulating the legal status of real estate for individual and corporate clients. Legal advising on Real Estate covers all legal aspects of handling real estate transactions, taking into account the individual nature of each transaction and the client's needs. The firm advises on the design and financing of real estate transactions in the form of asset deal and share deal. Services Office of Real Estate include the following: conducting legal due diligence of properties and property owners , preparation and negotiation of transaction documents, representing clients before the public authorities in connection with the preparation and implementation of investment projects, drafting, negotiating and providing opinion on project documents (e.g. contracts with architect and general contractor, contracts with other contractors and consultants involved in the process) and conducting judicial and administrative proceedings relating to the regulation of the legal status of real of individual clients and on behalf of corporate clients.

Company law

Due to the volatility and increased competition in the business environment legal services of clients in the Law Office, of the wider corporate law, requires ongoing mobilization to meet to numerous new problems with which clients seek. The Firm is ready to assist clients in ongoing legal services and transactions for which customer is partner. Scope of services provided by lawyers in the field of corporate law includes in particular: legal support for creating new companies, as well as the transformation and liquidation of business entities, legal support in business on restructuring of business entities, preparation of documentation for corporate companies and commercial contracts, opinions and legal services for mergers and divisions of companies, advice on internal relations in companies, including on good practices in corporate governance, internal corporate rules, and shareholder disputes, providing opinion and representation in director liability matters and corporate liability matters (including criminal liability), everyday assistance for company directors and governing bodies: owners, supervisory boards, management boards. Law Office also conducts judicial and administrative proceedings on behalf of corporate clients.


The Law Office conducts legal advice both to the traditional energy market and energy market using renewable energy sources. The Law Firm is experienced in both greenfield and turnkey projects and provides legal services in restructurings, acquisitions, mergers and divisions of energy companies, energy projects due diligence, corporate advisory services for energy companies, consulting and conducting a comprehensive investment process for projects related to renewable energy sources and to obtain concessions for the production, trade, transportation and distribution. The Law Firm has extensive experience in representing clients in the energy industry in proceedings before courts, in administrative proceedings and before Polish Energy Regulatory Office (URE), Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) and the Minister of Environment.

Litigation and Arbitration

The Law Firm has an experience in representing corporate and individual clients in any kind of proceedings conducted before the common courts, the Supreme Court, arbitral tribunals, the Supreme Administrative Court and the Provincial Administrative Courts. The Firm provides resolution of disputes at each stage of the process, from mediation or settlement attempts, through evidence support, client representation during entire litigation, interim relief procedures up to final ruling and enforcement against judgment debtor (or debtor bankruptcy). The Law Firm is experienced in precedential and complex cases. We approach each case creatively and on its own merits, tailoring the litigation strategy to suit client needs while taking account of all circumstances of the particular dispute so as to win the case and, more importantly, assure that client's interests are protected as broadly as possible.

Family Law

The Law Office offers a comprehensive range of services from the wider family and guardianship law, in particular relate to services provided legal assistance in cases of: divorce and separation, division of joint property, marital property agreements, liquidation of the matrimonial statute, alimony, including the recognition of maintenance obligations as terminated and execution of maintenance, the award, deprivation, restriction of parental authority, to establish contact with the child, the determination or denial of paternity and maternity.

Depending on the needs of the Client The Law Firm also provides legal assistance in drafting claims and other pleadings, to engage in extrajudicial negotiations, representation in court and providing legal advice. Experience in matters of family law, including cases of divorce or separation, as well as the division of joint property of spouses, guarantees professional, personalized and discreet involvement in any matter entrusted to the Law Office.

Labour Law

The Law Firm in the knowledge that the business of corporate clients significant factor is the human factor, provides consulting services in the field of labour law, which include in particular: legal advice on matters relating to individual and collective employment law support or representing clients in negotiations with employees, as well as drafting and reviewing contracts of employment (including managerial contracts), advice on employment issues in the ongoing process of mergers and acquisitions, legal assistance in negotiations with trade unions on matters of individual and collective labor law (collective bargaining, collective redundancies , social packages), preparation of regulations and internal policies with employers, conducting litigation on behalf of clients in labour law, both collective and individual Clients (including the court).